Whether you are an explorer of life on your own path to fulfillment or spiritual quest, a scientist, an heir of sages or an intuitive experiencer, connect with us. Altogether we can mutually enrich and create innovative projects to catalyze our insights into our true nature.

The institute is hosting international multidisciplinary exchanges at the confluence of modern sciences and worldwide ancient traditions, inviting to nurture awareness and new synergies. Fundamental themes (such as time and causality, alocal connection, extra-sensory perceptions) are addressed through out lectures and conferences, experiential workshops and cognitive research.


Please leave us a message for further enquiry on our events.

If you are interested to take part in large-scale research experiments, please stay in touch. Research themes will encompass mind intention and connection, synchronicities, distant healing etc... with in-situ and remote tests. We will revert to you when the studies are in place.


Please get in touch to set up collaborations and build research studies on human expanded capabilities, which can benefit from large-scale experiments.

If you would like to propose a related lecture or experiential workshop, we will be happy to plan your session or assist you in the organization of a dedicated event.


"Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science." - R. W. Emerson