Pavilon des Moussons is our community place to rejoice and reconnect, share on our paths and grow in awareness, care for the world.
Join us or come with your group on our various activities to brighten our lives and the world altogether.


Few hours to full day onsite


We will play observation games to develop our self-awareness and knowledge of others (guess who, what if ...) and dynamic exercises to put our group energy in movement.

Our seasonal activity for the day ranges from building paper and cardboard boats, racing on land jet-ski, lighting a firecamp etc .. for you to share simple and joyful moments while fostering your collaborative skills and creativity.

We will walk to the river and dance gently to celebrate.

You can join for an occasional session or a bundle of regular sessions within the same group. Activities will evolve in time with the depth of connection within the group. We will keep taking you towards more trustful and coherent bonds, while cultivating this childish joy and awareness in your life.


Growing gently our awareness

Broaden your horizons with lectures on inspiring scientific advances (the intelligence of the heart, the memory of water, the grounding to Earth, the laws of quantum physics etc ...) that invite us to renew our perspective on ourselves, our connection to others and the world.

Let you be guided in relaxation to soothe and in mental visualization to anchor this conscious and loving view in your life. This starts with bringing love and compassion for yourself and your inner child.

We will walk to the river to offer our flowers to the waters with our intentions for the world. We will come into joyful Khmer round dances to celebrate life.

You can join for occasional or regular sessions. Our accompaniment will evolve in time with your needs, to assist you towards inner relief and awareness, while always cultivating mindfulness and gratitude in your life.

Enquire about the next workhops dates or book your own event


Enquire about the next workhops dates or book your own event



Emotional well-being care program for children

Program based on HeartMath® neuro-cardiological research
School intervention | In-person individual and group sessions | Online


Our care program provides children with a solid foundation to protect their psychological and emotional balance in today's challenging times.

Our sessions are built on games of the HeartMath® method derived from neuro-cardiological research, energetic exercices in songs and children’s meditations.

Children will learn to self-regulate mood swings and reduce symptoms of anxiety, while developing joy and focus, gratitude and care for others.

This caring connection to the world can eventually be strenghtened through the twinning with a primary school in Cambodia.

Please contact us for a school intervention or individual request.